Homeland Security

The information provided below highlights an example of our existing projects with clients in the Homeland Security sector.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Radiological Emergency Preparedness – REP, Nuclear Alert Program Management

In partnership with local and state authorities and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Cabezon Group provides program management and subject matter expert support specific to facilitate alert and notification reviews at United States nuclear sites. Our support includes coordination of the national effort to provide state, local, and tribal governments with relevant and executable planning, training, and exercise guidance and policies necessary to ensure that adequate capabilities exist to prevent, protect against, mitigate the effects of, respond to, and recover from incidents involving commercial nuclear power plants. We also provide logistical (educational training workshops), and subject matter support to FEMA to assist in the efficacy of the Alert Notification Systems (ANS).

Peer Review Scoring Tool

In support of multiple grant programs within the homeland sector, Cabezon Group has designed and built custom peer review scoring tools. Created to streamline the scoring process for grant programs, the tools aggregate panel scores and delivers rankings in real-time improving tracking, information archiving and decision-making for agency stakeholders.