Critical Infrastructure Protection Assessments

Cabezon’s assessment team consists of nationally recognized substantive experts on Critical Infrastructure-Key Resource (CIKR) Protection for the majority of the DHS Critical Sectors. We are certified and experienced in applying assessment methodologies such as: Sandia National Laboratories’ Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM) for Water Treatment Facilities (RAM-W), Communities (RAM-C), and Chemical Facilities (RAM-CF), HFSAI, CPTED, and CARVER; and have produced over (500) Comprehensive Risk, Vulnerability, Threat and Security Assessments on critical infrastructure.

Assessments include:

Cabezon’s staff conducted risk assessments and provided options for consideration on risk mitigation for a multi-year project sponsored by the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). Under this project, more than (300) comprehensive assessments on facilities including:

Cabezon Group conducts comprehensive assessments that are not a 30,000ft subjective check-list of possible disasters, but that systematically address (25) separate sections that are in sync with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) established critical asset assessment target criteria. Our highly effective assessment process has been developed by applying our “hands on” knowledge of various types of infrastructure and systems, and our unique ability to build trust with asset managers, leadership and staff. Our flexible and cost-effective process results in total buy-in from our clients, who can then conveniently use the assessment report as the nucleus of their mitigation grant request. Our comprehensive assessments are designed to:

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