Emergency Management Training

Cabezon Group specializes in the development and implementation of effective emergency management training programs for all disciplines of today’s emergency responders. We have more than a decade of experience in providing highly effective classroom, virtual, and e-learning instruction, as well as analytical workshops. Our instructors are FEMA – EMI “train-the-trainer” certified and have delivered Emergency Management related certification courses to federal, state, local, military, tribal, and industry audiences throughout the US and the world. Our instructors were selected from various responder disciplines and all have served in command and general staff positions for various typed incidents and national level special events. Upon request, we can coordinate all aspects training programs to include course scheduling, course advertising, course selection/content, curriculum enhancement/development, logistics, administration, and quality assurance.

Spanish Language Emergency Management Training

Cabezon Group is unique in the industry in that we offer numerous Incident Command System (ICS) courses (e.g., ICS 100, 200, 300) in a complete Spanish Curriculum, instructed by FEMA – EMI Certified train-the-trainers, who are fluent in multiple Spanish dialects. We are also able to develop and deliver the instruction of other related courses for Spanish speaking audiences upon request.

Training and Curricula Development

Cabezon Group is highly experienced in developing customized curricula for audiences at all levels of government and industry and can provide a wide variety of substantive classroom training courses and technical assistance to meet or exceed mandatory certification requirements or internal professional development goals.


Today, many organizations leverage the Internet to deliver training, and Cabezon Group has the tools and proven methodology needed to deliver a comprehensive, robust e-learning solution tailored to the client’s individual needs. We believe training must be learner-centric, engaging and enjoyable in order to be effective. Our goal is to create unique learning environments that are relevant and meaningful, with a focus on learning retention. Our e-learning services are founded on sound classroom practices, and we leverage the latest Web-based technologies.

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