Emergency Planning Documentation

Planning makes it possible to manage the entire life cycle of a potential crisis. Strategic and operational planning includes risk identification, vulnerabilities and consequences. The next phase establishes priorities; identifies expected levels of performance and capability requirements; provides the standard for assessing capabilities; and helps stakeholders learn their roles during a crisis.

Cabezon Group has FEMA-approved Emergency Planners, and Certified Emergency Managers (CEM) who are experienced in the development of emergency preparedness and response planning for all levels of government, military and industry. We can assist any size or type of organization in the development of new or enhancement of existing emergency planning documentation that will enable them to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from any type of natural or man-made incident or special event.

Cabezon can provide expert planning services that will markedly increase our client’s capability for effective participation in the all-hazard emergency operations planning process.

Our planning services include:

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