Small Unmanned Aircraft System Technologies

Cabezon Group has a unique understanding of the capabilities of various unmanned platforms (e.g., fixed wing air, multi-rotor air, and vertical takeoff and landing – VTOL) and sensor packages, and has working partnerships with leading authorities and organizations within the small UAS scientific, engineering and industry communities. It is our desire to deliver turnkey services in order to assist our clients in successfully entering into the dynamic unmanned systems environment – at their own pace, and in accordance with their specific budgets and mission requirement objectives. Our services are unique in that we also offer to assist in developing NIMS compliant programs that can better prepare them for various Emergency Disaster Incident Response scenarios including guidance on FEMA reimbursement for federally declared incidents.

Cabezon Group is already a recognized innovator in the unmanned industry with depth of small UAS Flight and Emergency Management planning and response experience. We also provide various consulting services to include fully customized Flight Operations and Procedures Manual (FOPM) documentation, comprehensive sUAS Workshops, and hands-on small UAS Flight Operations Training (for both general and scenario-specific missions), as well as Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) and Emergency Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (ECOA) – 333 Exemption filing guidance and support.

Our specific small UAS offerings:

Cabezon Group’s Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) – 333 Exemption

Cabezon Group FAA 333 Exemption No. 15434

Cabezon Group presently holds a corporate 333 Exemption and Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) for commercial small UAS operations.  The exemption covers 1120 separate small UAS platforms and virtually unlimited types of commercial mission and operational purpose categories.  This exemption allows Cabezon Group to directly provide a vast array of Emergency Disaster Incident Planning, Response, and Recovery operational unmanned system services to a variety of public and private sector organizations.  Furthermore, the operational altitude of our COA was recently raised from 200 to 400 ft., providing numerous enhancements to our small UAS capabilities.

Specific services include:

The FAA currently authorizes the use of small UAS for commercial or business purposes on a case-by-case basis. You may not fly your small UAS for commercial purpose without the express permission from the FAA. The exemption we can file on your behalf is the most expansive the FAA has ever approved, allowing you to use over (1120) different types of equipment for a wide variety of comprehensive purposes, including:

Flight Operations and Procedures Manual (FOPM)
Working directly with your organization our highly experienced team can quickly develop a comprehensive FOPM, which will be customized to the specific requirements of your jurisdiction, agency, department, or private organizational entity.  Our FOPM will be NIMS compliant and also include guidance on the integration of multiple, applicable Incident Command System (ICS) forms and procedural issues.  Those that receive this service will save an enormous amount of time and effort from attempting to develop and field their own small UAS program.  Cabezon Group’s FOPM will provide guidance in areas to include:  COA/ECOA – 333 Exemption Process; FAA Policy Environment; small UAS Integration into Emergency Management; Common Operating Picture (COP); Communications and Data Dissemination; NIMS-ICS; Cost Benefit; Community Engagement; Public Safety; Flight Safety and Operational Procedures; Pilot and Flight Crew Qualifications; Flight Planning; Training, Registration, Maintenance, Legal Considerations, Documentation and Reporting; etc.  Our FOPM also includes a detailed matrix on all types/sizes of small UAS available, as well as related sensor technologies that will assist our clients in the selection of the optimum small UAS platform/sensor package(s) for their specific type(s) of missions.

Cabezon Group’s workshops are open to all types of organizations, as well as their operators, flight support crews (observers, mechanics), mission planners, and other interested persons. Our presenters consist of highly experienced small UAS flight instructors/pilots, and senior members of the first responder community. Our workshops utilize interactive technology experience and advanced presentation techniques, and include a mix of classroom and outdoor live demonstrations and hands-on activities with an actual small UAS.

Cabezon Group’s team of small UAS flight instructors/pilots and senior first responders, representing both the wildland fire and all-hazards responder communities, will lead our training sessions. We are fully capable of providing hands-on training in general small UAS flight operations, as well as specific scenario-based training for a multitude of incident types. We have the unique capability to provide training on virtually all of the small UAS platforms available today – and can easily tailor our curriculum to complement your specific mission requirements – thus further enhancing the value of the experience.

Download Small UAS Law for Public Safety Decision Makers in 10 Minutes.

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