Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

August 25, 2015


Cabezon Group is at the forefront of developing UAS technologies and applying them to a wide diversity of operational emergency management and homeland security missions. We have a unique understanding of the capabilities of various UAS platforms and sensor packages, as well as working partnerships with leading authorities with the UAS scientific and engineering community.

Information for numerous mission and post-mission applications (from general incident situational awareness to locating and two-way communication with an individual person) can be gathered by a variety of UAS mounted sensor technologies, including traditional, high resolution optical and thermal video and still imagery, hyperspectral & multispectral imagery, LiDAR, Radar, InSAR, and IFSAR, etc. UAS are already being used in various incident responses around the world, and their expanded usage will likely experience exponential growth over the next few years. Cabezon can provide various consulting services to include UAS policy requirements, mission planning assessments, and customized “hands-on” field instruction in UAS flight operations. The following represents areas that could be enhanced through the use of unmanned systems in Emergency Management Missions:


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